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Sunday, September 25, 2011

More on the candidates and debate.

Last Thursday's debate on Fox News was interesting. I don't think that Texas governor Rick Perry did very well. He kept being attacked about his state's "in state" tuition for children of wetbacks. He should have not only stated what he did about the Texas legislature passing the issue almost unanimously, but he should have repeated what he said the first time about it being for CHILDREN of the wetbacks, and that they had to be actively working on citizenship.

Herman Cain came across well. Rick Santorum was strong too. Newt Gingrich was wise and to the point. He seems to know the answer to any question.

Michele Bachmann made some revealing comments about Perry afterwards in the interview room. She said that Perry made a lot of government appointments to big contributors. (But, don't they all?)

That's all for now.

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