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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Looking at the 2012 Presidential Hopefuls

I've watched a couple of the "debates" in which the 8 Republican presidential hopefuls have been allowed to talk about their views of general interest to Americans. Here's my take on some of them as of today.

Michele Bachmann - Did well in last debate at attacking Perry. Seems to have some good ideas about things. Touts her experience as a tax lawyer. Claims to be a Christian. A very good speaking voice (much better than Sarah Palin) Nice hair and makeup. Has a great introductory video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYmRCXok8Dc&feature=player_embedded

Herman Cain - Wants to bring some humor to the White House. Said America is too "uptight". Seems to have a good knowledge and experience base of running a successful organization. Seems to have common sense about issues.

Newt Gingrich - Has a lot of political experience. But I'm not sure if his wife would be an asset to his being in the White House. Maybe his political experience and ideas could best be used in advising others.

Jon Huntsman - Former governor of Utah. Seems to be smart and has some good ideas. He is an evolutionist, which makes me think he's not really all that smart.

Ron Paul - Presently a Representative from Texas in the U.S. Congress. Has been very stable about his ideas. Not swayed by public opinion or media comments. Knows what he believes and sticks to it. Willing to be booed by others on his comments about the reasons Al Quaida attacked us. A very strict constitutionist. Does not seem to be a Christian, but appreciates the social work that churches do.

Rick Perry - Current governor of Texas. Said he probably made a mistake by signing an executive order mandating that young girls be vaccinated against a sexually transmitted virus. Took a lot of heat for that in the last debate. Is a declared Christian and seems to want to allow his faith and the Bible influence his life and his job. Has allowed children brought into the country by Wetbacks (my terminology) and who are working on citizenship, be allowed to receive "in state" tuition rates in college. Great video clip at: http://www.rickperry.org/news/video-cnntea-party-express-debate-highlights/

Mitt Romney - Former governor of Massachusetts. Trying again for the nomination. A lot of good ideas. Probably would do OK, but doesn't excite me about anything.

Rick Santorum - Probably would do OK as a president. Good family values man. A grandson of immigrants, he understands the needs of immigrants.


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