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Thursday, May 31, 2007


I urge our president to make the following announcement:

"Even though today the United States must be considered a secular nation, it is a country whose Christian heritage has affected many of its policies. One of those policies is to place a high value on human life, especially that of women and children. Our enemies have frequently taken advantage of this by using women and children as human shields while they meet and plot ways to destroy us, or even while they are engaged in active combat operations.

As of today, we have a new policy. America will no longer allow our enemies to be safe by hiding behind their women and children. We will now place a higher value on our own lives than the lives of the women and children who are used, even though unwillingly, to protect those whose evil plans seek to destroy us.

Women and children in Afghanistan and Iraq, and any other country where Americans may be engaged in active missions to help you gain your freedom, be advised of this: Whenever you see your men meeting to plot evil against us, RUN. Get as far away from those men as possible. Because if we find out they are meeting to make plans against us, we will destroy them.

Yes, we know that they will threaten to kill or hurt you if you leave them. But please realize that the future safety and freedom of women and children in your country is more important than the temporary safety you may feel by listening to their threats.

Make this announcement known widely throughout your land. Tell it in the marketplaces and in the schools and in the mosques. Yes, we would like to protect women and children. We have nothing against you personally. But your men will use and abuse you for their evil ends. We must protect our own people first. In that way we will be able to more quickly free your land of the evil men who would hold you in bondage and fear. Remember - when you see them meeting to make evil plans, RUN!"


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