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Friday, January 19, 2007


As I looked at the big color picture on the front page of my local newspaper of some destroyed vehicles and a few people milling around after another car bomb in Baghdad, I started thinking about what the purpose of front page coverage of these terrorist acts accomplishes. It certainly captures the reader's attention, which could lead to increased sales of the newspaper in stores. But is that what is really important here?

We have been seeing front page coverage of dramatic successes by the terrorists for several years. (Maybe a reader survey is in order to find out how many of us really want to see that type of coverage continued.)

I think it's time for another strategy. What would happen if, no matter how hard they tried, and how hideous their despicable acts, the terrorists could never win front page coverage in any newspaper, and never receive "lead story" status on TV news programs? If their evil deeds were bad enough, they might win "honorable mention" on one of the back pages.

If I were a terrorist and could no longer count on continual, free, publicity to promote my causes, I might start re-thinking my strategy.

However, our brave servicemen would get no end of front page praise for their valiant deeds in trying to free Iraq and Afghanistan from the terrorists.


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