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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Did you ever wonder why Michael Jackson's voice never changed when he became an adolescent? Have you wondered why his children were all white?

In the gospel of Matthew, chapter 19, verse 12, Jesus mentions three reasons there are eunuchs:
1. They are born that way - in other words, a birth defect or deformity.
2. They were made that way by men.
3. They become that way of their own choice so they can better serve God.

Considering MJ, I don't think he was born that way; and surely I don't see any evidence of a deep dedication to God after he became a man.

So that leaves the middle choice. Evidently his father saw the potential and marketability of a high voice, so chose to have his son castrated.

In the 18th century, castration was a somewhat accepted way of prolonging the high voice of a good male singer. Unfortunately it also produced psychological problems in the "victim". Do an internet search on the term "castrati" and you will discover what I mean. One example is: http://www.essortment.com/all/castratihistory_rzna.htm I think it would be good if MJ's family came out publicly and admitted that MJ was a modern day Castrato or Eunuch.