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Monday, May 15, 2006


I don't know about you, but I have visited a lot of churches through the years. And although many of them say they teach the Bible, it is strange that there are so many different views about things.

One of those things is Baptism. I was raised a Presbyterian, and my grandfather, a Presbyterian minister, baptised or "christened" me when I was a baby. As a young adult, after I had accepted Christ as my personal savior and understood more fully the Bible's teachings about salvation, I wanted to be baptised as a believer. So before I became engaged to my first wife, her father, a Baptist minister, baptised me by immersion.

Many years later I found myself in the situation where I had to baptise some people in the church where I was a pastor. I was uneasy about some of the teachings I had heard about the subject of baptism, so I decided to study the subject more fully.

So which church teaches the truth about baptism? Or is the truth somewhere in between the Baptist and Presbyterian teachings?

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