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Saturday, December 24, 2005


I was recently called to a private school to tune a piano for their "Holiday" concert. The piano would be moved to the gym, where the program would be. The music teacher reassured me that the physical education classes would be meeting outside.

I arrived at the appointed time and, due to rainy conditions outside, found a very noisy 4th grade soccer game going on in the gym. Calling the teacher over, I explained my predicament - how I really needed a quiet environment to do a proper tuning. I asked her if there was any way she could get the kids to use hand signals instead of shouting. She said she would try.

She explained the situation to her class, and they resumed the game. After about ten minutes the noise level had gradually diminished to only squeaking sneakers, and very short tweets by the coach's whistle. It really was a silent soccer game. They pulled it off. I was amazed - and very thankful.


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